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Stoeger Canada

Effective January 1, 2009 Stoeger Canada became the exclusive importer of Law Enforcement and Military products throughout Canada for the Beretta family of firearms.

Founded in 1977, Stoeger Canada has served as the importer and distributor of Beretta's Commercial Product line in Canada. The company is owned and operated as a subsidiary of the Beretta Holdings.

Our commitment is to provide you with the highest standards of service and to build relationships that you can depend on. We understand that lives depend on our products and our commitment to you. Our proven track record servicing commercial sporting and hunting lines has established the Beretta group of firearms as the market standard for quality and reliability. Beretta is the oldest firearms manufacturer in the world, dating back to 1526.

In the Defense and Law Enforcement market, Beretta offers dedicated solutions able to meet the stringent requirements of today's Armed and Police Forces worldwide, with a catalogue of products ranging from autoloaders and pump actions to tactical shotguns; from semi-automatic and assault rifles to extremely accurate snipers; from semi-automatic pistols and carbines to sub-machine guns. The constant efforts in R&D enable the design of reliable products with outstanding performance, which are the ideal defense tools both for Military and Law Enforcement use.

The greatest ever success in semi-automatic pistols is the Beretta 92, having sold more than three million units worldwide. A US contract has also been granted to Beretta for 450,000 additional 92's. Thanks to unrivalled performance and endurance, the pistol has been adopted as the official sidearm by Armed Forces and Police Forces worldwide, among these, the American Armed Forces and State Police Forces, along with many international agencies both police and military.

Recently released, the multi-calibre Px4 Storm semi-automatic pistol, the Cx4 Storm semi-automatic carbine, the MX4 sub-machine Gun, and the ARX160 Assault Rifle, built for the Italian Future Soldier Program, combine a modern design with the use of robust polymeric materials, guaranteeing superior performance, versatility, ergonomics, reliability and safety.

Beretta is an international group which includes the following brands:

  • BENELLI; renowned for its complete line of tactical semi-automatic and pump action shotguns for military and police forces. Combining unrivalled technology and expertise, Benelli is the shotguns’ market leader. Its M4 Super 90, 12 gauge, has been adopted by the US Armed Forces and is proving itself daily.
  • FRANCHI; produces shotguns and rifles. The SPAS 15 semi-automatic/pump action shotgun with interchangeable magazine is in service with many Special Corps all around the world.
  • SAKO & TIKKA; famous for the production of high precision, reliable sniper rifles. The outstanding accuracy guaranteed by the TRG22, TRG42, and most recently the TRG M10, along with the TIKKA T3 Tactical, make these sniper rifles the best choice for the most demanding Law Enforcement and Military Forces in the world.
  • STOEGER; manufactures pump action shotguns and semi-automatic pistols, delivering high quality and affordable prices to its customers.
  • BURRIS; well known for its large production of hi-tech optical sight systems designed for all types of portable weapons.
  • STEINER Germany; since 1947, the company continues to build precision, quality binoculars and associated products that meet any performance needs. Steiner is the binocular of choice for military, police, tactical and professional users worldwide, and recently added a line of tactical rifle scopes that equals its commitment to binoculars.

Labour, inventiveness, and respect for tradition, is the basis on which Beretta has built its reputation and established the hallmark of excellence for military and sporting firearms.